Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Council favors ending Act 47 Oversight; Teenagers favor Dad giving them the car keys

OK, I come back from my Thanksgiving hiatus to find that (1) the city has opened up the fabulous span of the Hotmetal Bridge which allows people to bike/walk all the way, non stop from the Glenwood Bridge to the PNC First Side center and (2) that the crack addled City Council wants to ditch its parole officer.

The bridge is the good news story, in case you couldn't tell.

Now, don't get me wrong: I understand why City Council wants to have the shackles off. I mean, now that Twanda Carlisle's schemes have been foiled, everyone's going to have to work that much harder to rob the city blind on behalf of special interests. It's not like they can just give money away or anything.

While both the ICA (notice they're not fighting that one yet) and the Act 47 posses are a major pain in the ass, they are the sober David Crosby to the city's alcoholic Lionel Hutz sometimes.

[Was that reference too obscure? Sometimes I can't tell.]

Cutting out the Act 47 crew would be like stopping at step 4 in the 12 step process, which is "make a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves," if you weren't already aware. At this rate, the City will have it's ultimate "spiritual awakening" (step 12) sometime around the same time as Lindsay Lohan.

OK, maybe not that long, but a really, really long time.

Hell, City Council telling the State that "it's fine" and "there's no problem" and "I can quit whenever I want to" is only going to lead to the City saying "I'm sorry I threw up all over your carpet, banged your roommate, and crashed your car into the Police Station".

This just won't end well... especially for the carpet, roommate, and car which, to carry the metaphor to the obvious conclusions would be the city roads, Cranberry, and, let's say, USAirways, respectively.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need another gin and tonic to wash out the taste of week old cranberry stuffing.


Char said...

Bankruptcy. Its the only answer.

Sherry Pasquarello said...

cheers! ; )

Anonymous said...

Chapter 9, peeps! Chapter 9!

Ravenstahl wants to graduate from his Cinderella license?!?! I picture him and Zober playing smash-up-derby with the budget in an empty Heinz Field parking lot.

Act 47 has its problems, but this is not good folkses.

fester said...

Yinzerboy --- now will the asphalt be in good enough shape for a demolition derby after the Monday night game, the Saturday Pitt game and the 4 WPIAL finals that parked on it in the past six days :)

EdHeath said...

You would think someone would have learned something with that parking tax resolution fiasco. At least that made sense, council was trying to keep some tax revenue. But the state legislature and the ICA made threatening noises and the Mayor had to veto that thing. Now we have this nonsense. Apparently no one will admit to having read the Mayor's proposed budget and five year plan, and they all feel compelled to take the Mayor's campaign rhetoric at face value. Shields claims he is just trying to find out what conditions are necessary to leave Act 47 (why not sponsor a bill to that effect). I have seen someone quoted as saying the city needs five years of a balanced budget. Let me add a thought. It would probably help if there are no *projected* deficits out there, unless there is a plan to make them into *balanced* budgets.

I still can’t believe the Mayor submitted a budget with a five year plan that included projected deficits … and still got re-elected. How does that happen? When we have such an educated and informed elec...tor... rrr... never mind.