Sunday, May 18, 2008

Philadelphia Mayor Nutter Loses Bet

(Reuters) Philadelphia - Fresh on the rout of the Flyers by the Penguins, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl wasted no time on making good on his bet with Philadephia Mayor Nutter by sending the entire Pittsburgh Pirate roster to the City of Brotherly Love.

Bets between municipal chief executives are not uncommon during high profile games, however, this NHL Eastern Conference finals was of greater importance because it was between the two largest cities in the Commonwealth.

Confident in his home team, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl used this opportunity to up the stakes with his cross state rival.

"We thought it would be a basket of ketchup or Primanti sandwiches versus a basket of Cheesestakes or something," said Mayor Nutter's spokesperson Douglas Oliver. "We were shocked when Mr. Ravenstahl put up the Pirates. We asked 'what would you get?' He said, 'We get rid of the Pirates.'"

Within minutes of the Penguins' shut-out, and even before the Prince of Wales trophy was presented, the entire Pirates roster was put in shipping containers and placed on a non-stop flight to Philadelphia.

Mr. Ravenstahl was proud of the move.

"It took bold, decisive leadership, but by the time Nutter realizes what's hit him, the Philadelphia Pirates will already be last in the National League."

Mayor Nutter has different plans for his new found team.

"I figure for awhile, we can use them to direct traffic or something. Eventually I hope to trade them to Des Moines for a half a packet of Lucky Strikes and a porno mag."

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