Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama "Already F*cking Sick" of "Hail to the Chief"

(Reuters) Washington D.C. - Only three days into the new administration, high level aides to President Barack Obama have revealed to the media that Mr. Obama is already "Fucking Sick" of Presidential anthem Hail to the Chief.

"It's not like he doesn't appreciate the sentiment," says Senior adviser David Axelrod, "It's just that every time he enters the room, he hears ruffles and flourishes and then that damned song. He leaves, comes back and they play it again.... He has at least four years of this."

The 1821 tune has been the official march of the President of the United States since 1954 and is played at every public appearance by the President. Most Presidents get used the song eventually, but Mr. Obama seems to have embraced an early antipathy towards it.

"I heard him mumbling lyrics in the Oval Office yesterday," said Deputy Chief of Staff Mona Sutphen. "Mostly it involved wanting pie and no ice cream."

Former President Bill Clinton tried to work in the words to the Beverly Hillbillies; George W. Bush on the other hand sang the lyrics to the 1963 Trashman hit "Surfin' Bird."

"The President is seriously asking the Marine Band to play something from P-Funk or Run DMC," said Ms. Sutphen, "although at this point, he'd be happy with some Earth, Wind, and Fire.

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