Tuesday, May 04, 2010

And then...

There's this bullshit:

State Reps. Daryl Metcalfe and Harry Readshaw think Pennsylvania should follow Arizona's lead and "protect its borders and citizens" by giving local and state police more power to arrest, detain and eventually deport foreigners who have entered the state illegally and don't have proper registration papers.
That kind of weapons grade stupidity needs to be outlawed by the Geneva Convention.

Now, let's set aside for a moment that "protecting the borders of the USA" is the job of, you know, the Federal Government and let's set aside the fact that this kind of legislation would open up the Commonwealth, not only to lawsuits by those that are unlawfully detained, but to requests by state and local police for things like training and resources to enforce this kind of law ("resources" that don't exist in the current $1 billion budget hole). Let's really focus on the fact that, if there are 140,000 illegal immigrants in the Commonwealth that's 140,000 people that *are being counted* towards things like, oh I don't know, the Census, which keeps us from hemorrhaging population.

So fuck Metcalfe and Readshaw: bring as many goddamn illegal immigrants to PA as soon as possible. Build towns, boroughs, cities. Drive up the population. Drive up demand for services. Increase the tax base. Increase the number of seats Pennsylvania has in the House.

... Unless, that is, Metcalfe and Reashaw themselves are illegal immigrants. Actually, now that I mention it, they've never actually released their naturalization papers, have they? What kind of name is "Metcalf" anyway. Sounds foreign to me. How do we know that they aren't in Harrisburg taking the jobs of good, hardworking Americans?


You damned, dirty illegals. Don't make us deport you back to Guatemala.


Anonymous said...

It's the job of the federal government, but the federal government refuses to do it.

Anonymous said...

LAMEST BLOG ENTRY EVER! Obama and his minions clearly have no intention of ever doing anything with this problem, but they'll be the first to criticize Arizona's efforts! It's the LAW!

This blog entry is beyond stupid!

O said...

Well, you sure showed me Anonymous! Gosh am I ever swayed by your argument!

Lady Elaine said...

O-don't you know by now that those who scream the loudest r usually the ones who r hiding something...(Ie right wing rep psycho about gays who are gay themselves)

May benefit u to take a look into at least 1 of their background. I'm just sayin.

Anonymous said...

Um. Ok. Where to start.

Paragraph 1: The Geneva Convention is not a standing body. It was a convention. An event. The Geneva Convention is not going to outlaw anything going forward. Also, the Geneva Convention was between countries (and, because "stupidity" is a noun, "weapons-grade" should be hyphenated).

Paragraph 3: Increase the tax base? Illegal immigrants erode the tax base. Please don't ever suggest otherwise. Illegal immigrants do not pay for the roads, streetlights, police, firemen, hospitals, schools, etc, that taxpayers pay for. Yet, they use them.

Also (P-3), illegal immigrants aren't counted on the census. They don't "[i]ncrease the number of seats Pennsylvania has in the House."

Paragraph 5: The "show us your papers" thing is kinda funny (thanks, SNL). But every alien in every country on this Earth is required to carry a copy of their visa or passport when they go out. Everyone. Everywhere.

Think before blogging.

Anonymous said...

But every alien in every country on this Earth is required to carry a copy of their visa or passport when they go out. Everyone. Everywhere.

I am detecting the distinct odor of bullshit here. I know people who are resident aliens overseas, and others who are in other countries on student visas. I know many people who are in the US from other countries under similar circumstances. None of them carry a copy of their visa or passport every time they go out.

Even when in another country as a tourist, I don't carry my passport around with me. It has never yet been a problem on any one of three continents.

Who told you this? Have you traveled overseas? Were you asked for your passport anywhere other than at the airport or other border crossing?