Thursday, August 13, 2009

Two Minutes Hate

Please include in your daily Two Minutes Hate State Senator Jim Ferlo:

The city of Pittsburgh's development arm plans to get back in the business of backing beer, after the Urban Redevelopment Authority board voted today to lend $300,000 to an investor looking to buy Penn Brewing Co. and return its brewing and bottling operations to the base of Troy Hill...

Because the transfer of the building isn't final, URA board member Jim Ferlo, a state senator from Highland Park, voted against the loan. The other four board members voted for it.
Why does Jim Ferlo hate beer?

Ben Franklin once said that "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." Obviously, by voting against this loan, Jim Ferlo doesn't want us to be happy and is thwarting the will of God. People that are thwarting the will of God are in league with the Devil.

Ergo, Jim Ferlo wants you to be unhappy and go to hell.

Remember that on election day: a vote for Jim Ferlo means that you want to burn in hell for all eternity.


n'at said...

Recall kaiser wilhelm: Give me a woman who truly loves beer and I shall conquer the world. To that end, our most honorable of mosque avengers believes that 1) I will never achieve manifest destiny and this world will suffer greatly for it, and 2) women should not imbibe, nor have any contact with me. Me!?

Why does Jimmy Ferlo hate me?


MH said...

I wonder if his position on beer is what kept him from getting a permit to rally at the G-20. Of course, it could just be that he belongs to a group with a higher level of criminality than any anarchist cell since Russian before the revolution.

Anonymous said...

If it was beer in Lawrenceville he would support it. Since it is in Troy Hill, no way.