Wednesday, May 05, 2010

A Park by Any Other Name...

What's in a name?

The Grandview Scenic Byway Park that winds though Mount Washington and Duquesne Heights would be renamed Emerald View Park under legislation introduced in Pittsburgh City Council Tuesday.

Councilwoman Theresa Smith said in a news release that the new name for the 235-acre park created in 2005 is "symbolic both of Pittsburgh's growing green identity" and the "green rebirth" of the park itself, plus the spectacular views available there. The proposed name came from a community process run by the Mount Washington Community Development Corp., Visit Pittsburgh, and a renaming committee, and will be the subject of a council hearing prior to a vote.
I find "Emerald Park" to be less than inspiring; it brings to mind poorly planned public housing, nuts or Winkies. Might as well just skywrite "SURRENDER DOROTHY" over the damned thing and be done with it.

I suppose it's better than the names they rejected:
Washington Park

Guyasuta Park

Guy Lombardo Park

Karma Sutra Park

Eaton Park

Highmark/UPMC Park

Doctor Richard Florida's Cavalcade of Flying Magical Mystery and Fantasmagoria Park


MacArthur Park

Cabrini Green

No Parking on the 4th of July Park

Frack Park

Luke Ravenstahl Memorial Park
Yes, those are all terrible names.


MH said...

Donot Park?

Mark Rauterkus said...

Mt. Washington Dog Walk Park.

ShortFatBald said...

I kinda like 'Steve'.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I like Doctor Richard Florida's Cavalcade of Flying Magical Mystery and Fantasmagoria Park.

Perhaps they also should have considered Pruitt Igoe.

Anonymous said...

"The Green Movement" is a cover phrase for - job creation (meaningless, mindless bereaucrats), Political Power (without the bounds of the Constitution), Shakedown of Small Business and the triumph of junk science (feelings,passion,demogoguery) over true scientific method.
- Logosnous