Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Unfounded Speculation

I've been kicking around a thought or two in my mind, but I've been to lazy to do my background work. Fortunately Fester has done my work for me:

Right now we know that President Bush is very unpoular with solid approvals in only six states. He has completely lost independents and is facing a rebellion on his right flank from parts of the conservative intelligentsia over the Miers nomination. He is in probably the weakest position politically since before 9-11. He is also a lame duck with no designated successor.
Allow me to add to this growing pyre the Plame "incident" and the recent poll indicating that a majority of Americans favor Bush's impeachment if he lied about Iraq.

Now, let's play pretend and ask some questions.

(1) Has Bush strayed from Conservative principles over the Miers nomination?
(2) Has this made him now functionally useless as the leader of a party whose intent is to further those principles?
(3) Would the Republican Party (or certain segments thereof) try to squeeze out Bush over this, believing that they could find a better leader for their party and principles?

Now, not knowing the inner machinations of the Republican Party, I can only wildly speculate, but is such a scenario possible. Is there a desire to eliminate all sources of opposition to party orthodoxy whatsoever? A general purge, perhaps?

Truly, it is theoretically possible if you could get enough disaffected Republicans on board, and impeachment proceedings would be easy with all the angry Democrats in both houses ... provided some real "evidence" could be brought to light.

Just a bit of speculation, implausible at nearly every level. I do not believe that it could any way happen, but it's fun nonetheless.

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