Monday, June 14, 2010

Council President Orders Change of Paint Colors

In a stunning turn of events, Council President Darlene Harris has ordered the maintenance staff of the City Council building to change the paint color of the 5th floor outside of council chambers from "off cream governmental white" to "official cream-white".

"I have been agonizing over this decision for the last seven months," said the Council President at an early morning press conference, "and I feel that this is will be the biggest decision that I will ever make as Council President."

The Council President had originally ordered the area outside of Council Chambers to be painted "off governmental white" several months ago, after an intense series of internal meetings. After a few months, however, the Council President had second thoughts and order her staff to re-examine the previous decision. After personal intervention from the Council President herself, the decision was rescinded and the "official cream-white" was re-established.

Total cost for both the change and the change back is expected to be three quarters of a million dollars.

The Council President says that she's pleased with the decision, and says that she will devote the next three months towards the re-laminating process of Council chamber, which she terms "her highest priority" for the foreseeable future.


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