Thursday, January 06, 2011

Particle Man Eyes Candidacy for County Controller

Local politician Particle Man said that that he is "actively considering" a run for Allegheny County Controller.

"I am very serious about running for Controller, and doing the things a Controller does," said Particle Man.

Although he has yet to make an announcement himself, it is suspected that Particle Man's political nemesis Triangle Man will also vie for the seat. In previous elections, Triangle Man has beaten Particle Man.

"Nobody knows Particle Man," said Triangle Man in a written statement, "Is he a dot? Is he a speck?"

(Particle Man has replied in the past to such questions, "What am I like? It's not important.")

The winner of this contest will most likely go on to face the Republican nominee either Universe Man or Person Man. Universe Man is a well known powerful man, while Person Man is a local vagrant.

Yarone Zober did not comment on this article.

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The Honourable Husband said...

Might This Be Giants? Just checking.