Friday, June 17, 2005

Robinson Township and Other (Market) Failures

I recall an old secret biketrail through the woods of Robinson Township, which, if memory serves correctly provided reasonable access across Montour Run to the Trail.

I believe it's aisle 6 of CostCo now.

Progress marches on, I suppose, which is why this story in the Pittsburgh Business Times is so disheartening.... or infuriating, take your pick.

Long story short: More retail in Robinson.

Long editorial short: Like we f'ing need more retail.

Longer editorial:
(1) About 80 acres of additional greenfield space to be destroyed;
(2) Via government subisized infrastructure improvements;
(3) Proposing an addition of 400,000 sq. ft. of retail space in an area that already has 6 MILLION square feet;
(4) A Region that is already saturated with retail is about to add more;
(5) Increasing automobile congestion in a corridor with too much congestion to begin with;
(6) Another development that's probably going to meet the poor design and planning standards of The Pointe and Robinson Town Centre;
(7) WTF?

This may be more Free Market pure than the South Side Works, but I don't think it's better.

In fact, it's probably worse.

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