Sunday, July 24, 2005

Forget all Your Troubles, Forget all Your Pain and Go...

OK, reading JP's article here got me wondering what property does the URA actually own downtown. I mean, we all talk about the conditions Downtown, but, and I may be the only one here, we don't seem to have an understanding as to the scope of the problem.

So I swooped off to the Allegheny County Property Assessment Website and started poking around. After much compiling, some horsetrading for a property map of downtown, and a couple of shots of Marker's Mark, I came up with this map showing the major landowners in the downtown area:

Muchos Gracias!

A couple of notes/caveats:

(1) I noticed that the information that the County has is spotty at best. [Go fig, right?] I can only assume that some of the information just wasn't updated yet.

(2) I noticed that my map is probably out of date. Clearly, the now defunct Lazarus property shouldn't be showing up on the map as "Incomplete." I assume that this is either a problem with the County's information or that the property lines on the map have changed. I can't think of any way to get this information, other than going cross town to the URA and asking.*

(3) The data on this map was pretty messy. PNC Bank, for example, shows up in at least 5 different ways, including mispellings. I think I cleaned up the data pretty well, but I probably missed something.

Anyway, I have no real point here, I just wanted to share. Make of this submission what you will.

* Sorry, my dedication to this blog does not extend to crossing rivers.

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