Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Miscellany II

Once again, between the requests for funding and the disbursement of funds and the requests for the disbursement of fundings, I have gathered a smattering of half-posts. Enjoy.


I appreciate that the Post Gazette noted the irony of a motivational program, whose theme includes increasing productivity, slowed productivity for thousands of Pittsburgh workers this morning.

Seriously though, what the hell?!? Were people really backed up across the City to get into a motivational talk by Ben Roethlisberger? I would get motivation from a 22 year old as much as I would get information on evolution from a Politician.

I didn't even know about this thing until I was waist deep in automobiles on the Boulevard of the Allies. This is what happens when people choose what they think maximizes their personal benefit at the detriment of the societal good; or, more susinctly: GET OFF THE ROAD ASSHOLE!

Speaking of the Boulevard, is that a female nipple on the Shadyside X billboard? As an avowed social conversative, I must say I'm shocked and appalled. My God! Won't someone please think of the children? My God! Won't someone buy me a membership to the X?

I see Pat Robertson is back into the KoolAid. Obviously, the good Reverend is referring to the Book of St. Bastard, Chapter 3, verse 12, which says Oi! Piss off arse face!

Who Would Jesus Whack?

I haven't heard the words "Yellow Cake," "Haliburton," "Downing Street," or "Karl Rove" in the MSM recently. Is our attention span really that short that we... OH! A squirrel!

More soon...

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