Thursday, August 11, 2005


Time to shake out my brain and clear out all the half posts, bad jokes, and rants without an ending:

Last week's Tribune Review Editorial page handed out a Laurel to Arthur Zeigler, the president of the Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation, for chiding the Murphy administration's single-developer mantra for Downtown's Fifth-and-Forbes corridor, and a Lance to Craig Kwiecinski, the mayor's spokesman, for bashing the Allegheny Institute.

No surprise, in my mind, that the Publisher of the Tribune Review, Richard Mellon Scaife sits on the board of the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation and Michael Gleba, Executive Vice President of the Sarah Scaife Foundation, who's board is chaired by a Richard M. Scaife, is on the board of the Allegheny Institute.

Funny that Pittsburgh is such a small town.

Who told guys that golf shirts with the collars up were back in fashion? What's next? Mullets? Camaros? Donnie Iris? Trickle down economics?


While we're on the subject of fashion, I don't care what the guys from Queer Eye say, checked shirts and striped ties do not look good together. You look like you either (a) are a slave to whatever the glowing box in the corner says is fashionable or (b) lost a fight with a quilter.

The Kansas Board of Edumacation has tentatively approved new state science standards that weaken the role evolution plays in teaching about the origin of life, i.e., they're going to support the concept of Intelligent Design as an alternative to Evolution.

Which is like calling a pancake an alternative to the internal combustion engine.

But I demand that Kansas also include the point of view which states that there's no such thing as evolution, and we are just the product of the delusions of the character Uncle Sid from Seinfeld.

Don't try to repress my beliefs!



OK, that's all that's come dislodged for now.

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