Monday, August 22, 2005


Here at the Angry Drunk Bureaucrat, we rely on reams of data from multiple governmental sources to package together substantial analyses of local government project, programs, and political trends.

When that fails, we rely on rumors and innuendo.

This post is the latter:

With a little more than two months to go, few people doubt that the Silver Fox is going to be elected to the Mayor's office. Despite the appearance that he's working towards a more equitable representation on City Government, many people are quietly jockeying for influence and patronage in the Bob O'Connor Machine. So the big question being asking amongst the Bureaucrats on Grant Street is, "Which Friend of Bob O'Connor is going to make us do what?" There is a strong feeling that these many "interests" out there are looking to run the City through Bobby O's office by influencing decisions from teh top down. Of course, there's a fine line here between legitimate participation in public process through access and, say, what sent Ben Woods to jail back in the day. So, we shall see what goes down.

Whatever happens is probably going to be more concerned with basic city services than the current Big Project system that Murphy has relied on. If rumors are to be believed, an O'Connor administration will focus less on Development of businesses, housing, and commercial and more on street cleaning, filling potholes, and picking up trash. While not necessarily a strategery for fostering active growth, it's probably more in line with the current capacity of the City... and it might make downtown smell less like urine.

Of course, gambling interests are probably looking for some return on their investment. Casino in 2006 in Oak Hill perhaps?

OK, I'm done with the rampant speculation.

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