Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pittsburgh controller expects more from building inspectors

From the Tribune-Review:

Pittsburgh's Bureau of Building Inspection has made strides since a 2008 audit lambasted the department for failing to respond to complaints in a timely manner, City Controller Michael Lamb said today.

But a lack of new hires and the slow adoption of a new computer system has caused complaints and permit requests to back up, he said.

"Given the resources, they have been making decent progress," Lamb said upon releasing the results of his office's 2011 performance audit on the department. "But I thought they'd be a lot further along than they are."

John Jennings, acting chief of the department, did not object to the findings...
Whoa!  Wait a second!  Back the fu' kup!

"Acting" Chief of Building Inspection?  Wait, that can't be right... Let's see... there was Ron Graziani (fired 2007), then Dan Cipriani (resigned 2008), then Sergei Matveiev (resigned 2009)... so, yeah, I guess it sounds like we've been without a Chief of Building Inspection for almost a year now.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't there some sort of deadline to fill these types of city jobs permanently?

Hell, sounds like BBI's been going through more Directors than Darrens on Bewitched.


MH said...

If you wanted to update your references for the preschool set, replace "Darrens" with "Marinas" and "Bewitched" with "The Fresh Beat Band."

Ms. Monongahela, Ms. Chief Editor said...

Chris Partridge would have been my first obvious analogy. But you're not me.

MH said...

I watched that show and I didn't know they switched from one Chris to another.

O said...

@MH I have no idea who those people (?) are.

MH said...

If you don't have a small child, you probably wouldn't.