Friday, December 16, 2011

A Bureaucrat's Aside Re: Editing, Proofreading, etc.

As both of you who read this blog may have noticed, the number of spelling and grammatical errors have increased considerably since I came back from my extended hiatus.  This is not (generally) because of my 2 bottles of wine/day habit, as one may have assumed.  Instead, I have recently made the great leap in computing technology from a TRS-80 to an iPad 2.

The upgrade was mandated by my Cats, who were tired of trying to wedge themselves between my lap and the keyboard and decided that, rather than argue with me over the issue, they would work together to push the 50 pound behemoth off of my desk, causing it to shatter into a hundred thousand little bits.  Also, I did want to play a version of Angry Birds that didn't involve me chucking the entire computer at a flock of birds.

So, I don't begrudge the change, but the iPad 2 is much more difficult to compose long strings of prose than the old computer.  For some reason, the iPad 2 hates the letters "t", "h", and "e", so "this" becomes "his" or "is", "the" becomes "he" or "e", and "rhythm" becomes "rym".  This I attribute to my disturbing monkey-like, sausage fingers and decades of learning how to touch type (at the expense of not learning how to play the piano), which has made me unable to type with fluidity on what is basically an expensive pane of glass.  Sure, it's light and convenient, but I look like an awkward hipster Tyrannosaurus now.

Anywho, as noted at the bottom of the page here spelling and grammatical errors are "par for the course", so if I see them, I'll fix them, but if I don't... well, just ignore the mistak.


spork_incident said...

Try typing on an iPhone! Ye gods, that's painful. I found it helps to turn off autocorrect, which I'm convinced was invented by Steve Jobs to cause us pain from beyond the grave.


Bill Harshaw said...

Cats! How about some pictures?

Anonymous said...

The little mistakes caused by evil technology just makes ADB more endearing.