Wednesday, March 16, 2005

District Deux

In a move that surprised no one; from the PG:

Pittsburgh City Councilman Alan Hertzberg announced today that he will resign effective tomorrow night.

Hertzberg was confirmed by the state Senate Monday to fill a vacancy on Allegheny County court.

He said he wanted to resign as soon as possible so that his council district race could get on the May primary ballot. He also said he wanted to avoid the cost of a special election, which he said could cost $60,000 or more.
This probably means that there will be two elections, one as a by-election for the balance of the term and one for the primary, for the November elections.

Here are the candidates for District 2, if anyone cares:
Paul F. Renne, D
Erin C. Molchany, D
Melissa Rossiter, D
Paul R. Mastandrea, D
Daniel J. Deasy Jr., D (Endorsed)
William S. Urbanic, D
Sam Berninger, R

Some details on these candidates can be found here.

Having lived for some time in this area as a youngin', I can say, without fear of contradiction that the majority of the 2nd Council District can be characterized by three words: "Bat-Shit Insane."

Voici des candidates:
Don't know how Bill Urbanic is allowed to run if he's employed by the City; I thought there were laws against that. Although Dan Deasy seems to have no problem with it either. So there you go. Kudos to the bureaucrats.

Paul Renne is a former CFO of Heinz and your District # 2 excuse to reuse all those Heinz pins from the 2004 Presidential Election without looking like a bitter, bitter Democrat.

What's the difference between Planned Parenthood and CORO? One provides a good reasons why you should be allowed to abort children, the other is Planned Parenthood. Erin C. Molchany is from both. And she's supported by P-Man.

Melissa Rossiter needs to get rid of her Senior Class picture on her website, which itself looks like it was done by Howard Hanna.

Paul R. Mastandrea bills himself as a "legitimate businessman"... and has threatened to break both my legs for writing this.

Sam Berninger is the VP of State Affairs of the Young Conservatives of PA, which, frankly, gives me the heeby-jeebies. [Whoa! There they go again!]
So this concludes the extent of ANY coverage of the 2nd District in ANY media outlet; no need to mention any issues, as there are none...much like running for Student Council in High School.

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