Wednesday, March 30, 2005

State Rep. Habay charged in white powder hoax

Courtesy the AP via the PG:

State Rep. Jeffrey E. Habay of Shaler was charged today for allegedly lying about a white powder he said he received in the mail from a contituent who was critical of him.

Allegheny County authorities charged Habay, 38, with facsimile weapons of mass destruction, falsely incriminating another and fictious reports for claiming in May that he received an envelope in his home that contained a suspicious white powder.

U.S. Postal Service investigators had said the powder was harmless.

In court documents, authorities claim Habay said the package came from George Radich, a constituent who along with four others asked Commonwealth Court to conduct an audit of Habay's political action committee, the Friends of Jeff Habay.

Radich had insisted the powder was not there when he mailed the letter and said he did not try to hide his identity when mailing it. Postal officials said Radich paid for the mailing with a credit card, an unusual thing to do if someone had put the powder in the envelope.

In September, authorities charged Habay with two felonies, alleging that he repeatedly used state workers to conduct campaign work for him on state time.

He was arraigned on theft of services and conflict of interest charges brought by the state attorney general's office.

After the arraignment, Habay said he had no plans to resign and would do everything he could to fight the charges.

The State Ethics Commission ordered Habay, a five-term Republican legislator, to pay nearly $13,000 in restitution and referred the case to state prosecutors, who filed the felony charges.
In the words of Mr. Nelson Muntz:HA HAW!

Nothing like a Wednesday dose of schadenfreude to make the afternoon seem brighter.


Piltdown Man said...

Habay is now in full meltdown mode. You could see it coming, though. He has always been so childlike and needy. I think he's "Santorum-lite," a sort of wussy, pudgy guy who probably was ignored by the gals early one...but REALLY wanted to be class president.

My only sorrow is that I won't see him and his gang holding up signs and waving along Rt, 28 on election day...but, of course, he probably forced all his minions to do this anyway....


CmdrSue said...

I just found your blog for the first time tonight and immediately saw that you could be my kind of scum. I dug back to your first entries and just posted links to your excellent Rules 1 & 2 postings. I look forward to reading more.

I got all the way up to where you were writing about Economic Development and MSAs and decided I should stop drooling and make a comment post somewhere you might find it. Yes. I actually get into things like Economic Development and MSAs, even though it's not my field. I love data. It's my friend...

PSoTD said...

That's just classic PA State Legislator stupidity... and yet, still so unbelievable!