Thursday, July 27, 2006

More On City Purges

File this post under blatant rumor mongering if you want, but today's firings brought a couple of recent and soon-to-be-recent local bureaucratic departures into sharper focus. I don't want to cause undue panic or alarm, but I kinda feel like I'm in an Oliver Stone film, only with more paperwork and uglier, uglier people. What we're looking at is a conspiracy that goes up to the highest levels, including the Mayor, his Executive Director for Intergovernmental Relations, City Council, the Act 47 Board, the heads of the Five Families, the Russians, the CIA, the Masons, the Priory of Sion, the Catholic Church, Dick Cheney, and Ming the Merciless.

OK, maybe not.

Anyway, a while back, the Executive Director of the Housing Authority, Keith Kinard, left to go to Jersey to become ED there. No big story there; he got a better job and more money.

Less reported, however, is that recently the Chief Financial Officer (and Interim Executive Director) and a few other high level managers & Directors also submitted their resignations, seemingly for independent reasons, and all within a fairly compact timeframe. Word is that there were also other people lower down on the pole that decided to "seek other opportunities"... with possibly more to come.

The common thread in all of this? Dennis Regan. Yes, this Dennis Regan, chairman of the Housing Authority Board and new head of staff for Bob O'Connor.

Coincidence? Writing on the wall? Paranoia? Did the Chairman "encourage" certain Directors to find other lines of work? Is this a conspiracy involving the NSA and the Reverse Vampires? Or maybe it's an attempt to further consolidate power into the hands of a narrow constituency? Dunno.

Rampant rumor mongering and tin foil millinery? Most definitely.

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