Friday, September 01, 2006


By the time you finish reading this post, Mayor Bob O'Connor may be dead, so I will be brief.  I need one of those Wikipedia graphics about "current events may change rapidly". 
Here are some scenarios that could play out in the near future:
  1. Luke Ravenstahl, as Council President, is sworn in as Mayor;
  2. OK, a 2/3rds vote of City Council (once they return to session... which just happened as I was writing this post) could oust Luke as President of Council.  This would mean that 8 people could jockey for position as President of Council [I'm throwing out Twanda Carlisle from consideration here], and it could be anyone's game. 
  3. Alternatively, Mr. Ravenstahl could decline (highly unlikely as he's been holding a vigil in the City County building, the papers have been prepared, and there's an emergency judge on standby).  This would also throw it back to Council, with 7 people jockeying for position.  
  4. (3 a.) If they can't reach resolution amongst themselves (unlikely again), according to the City Home Rule Charter , they could conceivably throw open the nominations to pretty much anyone, including yours truly and Chuck Norris... assuming that Mr. Norris takes up residency in the City of Pittsburgh.
  5. Assuming that 2-4 do not happen... and only people who bet everything on Green at the roulette table would assume that it's a possibility... we'd be left with a whole administration now in the hands of Mr. Ravenstahl, who may hire, fire, and otherwise reassign pretty much everyone.  

But again we should be focusing on the Mayor, so our best wishes, hopes, and prayers go out to Bob and his Family. 

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