Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Current Councilmatic Mood: Angry

If it weren't for the P-G, I would have never known that our own District 4 City-Councilman Jim Motznik has a blog. An excerpt:

OMG! Like Bill and his friend John are like, totally dissed Luke teh other day. We were all at the lunch table, and Bill was whispering to John, and John laughed, and like Luke totally knew what they were talking about. And I was like, "So what's the big deal?" And they were like, "Nothing." And they went back to giggling. And then Luke walked by and I don't know who shouted it, but someone said out loud "The Mayor used personal influence to evade arrest during a 2003 incident with police at Heinz Field."

I looks at Darlene (she's the weird looking new girl from that remedial school that always eats lunch alone. I think that she smokes, which is why she doesn't have any friends), and Darlene was totally shocked. I know it was Bill who got John to say it. He was the one that said he would be my best friend and then I find out that he was already best friends with Doug and that everyone was already best friends with Doug and I didn't even get to go to Doug's birthday party. But that's OK, 'cause Doug is such a ho.

So now I'm soooooo pissed at both John and Bill. I am never talking to them again. I'm going to my room to listen to some Linkin Park.
In another post, Jim finds out "What Member of NSYNC" he is. [Hint: It's the angry, erratic one.]


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