Wednesday, June 06, 2007

This Post is Not a Repeat from 4/13/06

So there's this episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation where Picard and the Crew of the NCC-1701-D get stuck in a loop of time, forced to relive three days of their lives over and over again until Kelsey Grammer shows up out of a temporal anomaly.

The lawsuit against the Allegheny County Assessment system is kinda like that:

Allegheny County Common Pleas Judge R. Stanton Wettick Jr. today declared unconstitutional the state law that allows counties to use a base-year system for property assessments...

The decision is a blow to Allegheny County Chief Executive Dan Onorato, who in 2005 settled on a base-year system after he refused to implement figures from a new reassessment. Those numbers, which would have gone into effect in 2006, would have resulted in assessment increases averaging nearly 20 percent for all homeowners...

The current case was filed in 2005, just 23 days after Mr. Onorato announced the county would move to a base-year system in which property assessments would be pegged to their values in 2002.

The plaintiffs argued the base year would violate the uniformity clause of the constitution because values in some communities are dropping while other's rise, creating an inherent inequity...
Now, keep in mind that this is not the original lawsuit, but the lawsuit against the policy that was developed in response to the lawsuit...

I think.

At this point it's like reading Joyce... upside down... and on crack. Only more difficult to follow.

Now, here's the bad news to homeowners: there is not going to be a simple resolution to this problem that actually complies the State constitutional uniformity clause. Somebody's going to be pissed no matter what decision and somebody is going to get screwed. No politician is going to take the blame for how screwed up everything is. It's an unwinnable situation: Kobayashi Maru.

But, then that would make the assessment situation like Star Trek II: the Wrath of Khan* and Cheers co-star Kristie Alley.


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