Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lightning Round!

Here's the actual headline from this article in the Trib:

'Kill Point' extra arrested for impersonating a public servant

Too... Many... Jokes! Hands on buzzers please. We're going to the lightning round.

The Category is Complete this headline: "'Kill Point' extra arrested for impersonating a public servant". GO!

  • Takes Four Hour Coffee Break, goes home after lunch.

  • Councilman Jeff Koch offers her free t-shirt for all her "hard work".

  • In other news, Twanda Carlisle has taken up acting.

  • Suspect was immediately identified by her warm, caring nature and genuine interest in the problems of others.

  • AFSCME demands back payment of fake union dues.

  • Proclaims loudly, "I'm from the fake government, and I'm here to pretend to help."

  • Is immediately downsized due to budget cutbacks.

  • Will, no doubt, have a better retirement plan than anyone else in City Government.

  • Dick Skrinjar not adjusting well to demotion.

  • Thousands of real municipal employees pause to consider if prison is a viable alternative.

  • Neglected to fill out form 1054-S in triplicate.

  • Suspect is expected to start her own snarky blog this coming Monday.


    Oh! That's the end of the round. And with the scores all equal, we're going to suddenly stop the game.

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