Thursday, August 30, 2007

PWSA Unveils Water Taxi Service to Oakland

Acting Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority Executive Director Greg Tutsock today unveiled what was described "a brilliant innovation in public transportation solutions for the City of Pittsburgh."

Speaking in front of an assembled crowd at the corner of Dithridge Street and Centre Avenue, Mr. Tutsock proudly pushed a button unleashing millions of gallons of water through the City streets. The water is to channeled into over three miles of connected canals, which will encircle Oakland and parts of Shadyside, allowing thousands of commuters easy, reliable, and unique transportation alternatives.

The ceremony, which was not previously announced because of a public relations error, came as a surprise to many in the Neighborhood.

Eric Graff, a Pitt student, said he was preparing to drive out of a fraternity house parking lot at Centre and Dithridge at 12:30 when "A wall of water came down. It was mayhem for a while."

Mr. Tutsock announced that today's ceremony completed Phase I of the Project. The Port Authority of Allegheny County is expected to launch the first of the inter-city water taxis some time in 2015.

Spectators in background watch PWSA Executive Director inaugurate the City's new canal system.


Sherry said...

and they can hold a part of the reggatta there too!

Anonymous said...

The most brilliant plan yet ever revealed by PWSA!