Tuesday, June 10, 2008

On Vetoes and Campaign Finance Reform

So the Mayor vetoed the proposed Campaign Finance legislation and Council failed to override it.  All things considered, this should be no surprise.  On one side you have Shadyside's Otis, the Guy Who Won't Shut Up, a Minister, and a Guy with Really Good Hair and on the other you have A Gas Thief, a Ditch Digger, Waldo, a Chainsmoker, and Opie.

Something tells me that it's the latter group that is most interested in higher office and would be the most hurt in State races by the proposed legislation.  Indeed, it seems a long shot that Opie is going to retire as Mayor of Pittsburgh, so he's obviously going to need some sort of career after Grant Street, whether that's courier service accounts manager, Public Works Employee, State Senator or any career that doesn't involve him being eligible for parole in 5-10 years.*

So, it stands to reason that Messrs Opie, Thief, Digger and Mmes Waldo and Chainsmoker are going to be running for other, higher offices in the near term and don't want to mess with the rules just yet.  [Mr. Digger is obviously running already... as he has already proven his leaderhip abilities.]

As for the other cohort, well, perhaps they haven't though that far ahead. 

* "Felon" seems to be a very popular retirement plan amongst many of our local elected officials.     


Mark Rauterkus said...

Jimmmmmyyyy has his eyes set on the prize of "D.M" -- district magistrate. He'll want to follow the career path of Gene R. So, I'm not sure if that is 'higher office' or not. It is more security with a longer term and it is fewer nights and weekends.

MH said...

Luke is probably watching himself closely. If he did something, he might draw a tough judge and get bumped out of juvie.

Bram Reichbaum said...

"On one side you have Shadyside's Otis, the Guy Who Won't Shut Up, a Minister, and a Guy with Really Good Hair"

You forgot one. We are all eagerly awaiting your cutesy appellation for him.

Cabby said...

Enough already. It is time to move this issue forward. Campaign finance reform is a necessity. These bandits ate stealing millions of dollars of from citizens. With the money spent on this year's election alone, we could end hunger and poverty in the United States. I tossed a brick at bricktoss.com to let them know we want take it anymore.

O said...

I hear "Jimmmmaaay" from Mark and my mind drifts towards South Park and I laugh.

And my other appellation... "The guy that I always forget" or "Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen", take your pick.