Sunday, June 22, 2008

Vice President Edward G. Rendell?

Buzz Bissinger makes the case for a Vice-Presidential candidate from Pennsylvania:

There are a number of conventional reasons for Barack Obama to consider Mr. Rendell, who is now serving his second term as governor of Pennsylvania, as his running mate this fall. In the same indefatigable fashion that Mr. Rendell delivered a nine-point win for Hillary Clinton in the April Democratic primary in Pennsylvania, he could deliver this crucial swing state to Mr. Obama come November. Mr. Rendell is popular statewide, and, more important in a presidential election, he continues to maintain Herculean strength in the suburbs surrounding Philadelphia, a traditional Republican stronghold that John McCain must do well in to have any chance of gaining the state...

It's his very unconventionality that makes him such an intriguing choice.

Craving some pizzazz to counter the watch-your-back mentality that has become Washington politics? Pick Rendell.

Want passion, candor, off-the-cuff gems, moments of keen insight? Pick Rendell.

It's true that his one real foray into national politics, as Democratic National Committee chair under Al Gore when Mr. Gore was running for president, ended up in what some would say was excommunication because of a tendency to speak out of turn. But that's what makes Mr. Rendell arguably the most refreshing politician in the country...
While Mr. Bissinger may make a convincing argument, It is my belief that Gov. Rendell will not be the Vice-Presidential candidate. As my proof, I present the following 1,000 words:

However, I wouldn't be surprised if you see Ed Rendell as, say, Secretary of Energy sometime after January 2011.


Matt H said...

No way Rendell gets a VP nod. Cabinet position yes.

TheTruth said...

Buzz Bissinger?