Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Roll Call of the States...

Just a few observations about the role call vote at the DNC Convention -- the only time anyone actually cares about Guam.

Democrats Abroad, apparently, are allowed to split their votes in half. Must be Swiss.

Glad you could show up Florida.

Do the Hawai'ians have to wear leis everywhere they go?

Illinois passes.

Kansas is apparently famous only for being the home of Obama's grandparents.

Minnesota is really, really proud of their women's collage hockey team.

Nobody cares about Norman Maclean, Montana. Nobody.

Hey look! There's a black person in the New Hampshire delegation.

New Jersey made it a point to highlight the fact that they are the home to the Superbowl champions (read: "Suck it Massachusetts").

Everybody and their mother in New Mexico yields the floor to Illinois.

Illinois yields to New York... who hands off to Hillary Clinton, blindsiding Gov. David Patterson. She fades back...



Moves that the convention suspends the rules and moves that Obama be selected by acclamation.

And it's in the HOLE! It's in the HOLE! Do you believe in miracles?!? Elvis has just left the building.

Almost looked like a real convention there for a moment... and then they started playing "Love Train," drowning out Nancy Pelosi.

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Sherry said...

it was good theater! i loved it.