Thursday, October 27, 2011

OWs! It hurts!

Since I was away, it seems like there have been several major Cities across this Great Land of Ours infected with these dirty Hippies calling themselves "Occupy Wall Street," who are obviously seditious traitors to this Country advocating the overthrow of our Capitalist Government and its replacement by, what I can only assume would be some sort of naked Kenyan-Muslim-Fascist Flag Burning Ceremony.  At least that's what I assume they're after; for all I know it could be worse.

I mean, do these protestors not realize that in 1989, Ronald Reagan himself Singled handedly defeated Communism, tearing down the Berlin Wall, and converted the entire Soviet Union to Christianity so that we could live in a world where men would not be judged by the content of their character, but by the cash in their wallets? These OWS folks are espousing a failed doctrine that states that the labor of the working class is exploited by Capitalists.  They seem to think that somehow the workers of the world must unite and cast off their right to work two jobs at 60 hours a week with no health care.  That's just insanity.

Are these people really under the delusion, that the standard of living for the 99% of Americans has stagnated, while the top 1% has grown?  Come on: we all have iPhones, Cable TV, and Refrigerators; that's more than most average citizens in most countries get.  I am informed that the people of Canada, a heathen country if there ever was one, are forced to eat a mixture of potatoes, gravy, and cheese and speak French.  

French!  What kind of Anti-American bullshit is that?

And of course, we have the Pope coming in now, pushing his Papist agenda on the world economy.  What kind of "Christian" really believe in the end of Laissez-Faire Capitalism or that Governments shouldn't be promoting the good of a few select individuals at the expense of the rest?  Show me where in the Bible Jesus says *anything* about "economic justice".  Oh, I found in: it's in the Book of "Not In There" chp. 4 v. 7-Nowhere.  

Everyone knows, and Rick Santorum and Bill Donahoe can back me up on this, is that the New Testament is all about stopping abortion, fighting terrorism, and keeping those homo-queers from having butt sex.   Right after He turned those loaves into fishes, Jesus said on the mount, "God helps those who help themselves".  He didn't say anything about "The Poor" or "The Hungry" or "The Persecuted"... I mean, what do you expect Him to give them?  The Kingdom of Heaven?  That would be Socialism of the worst kind.  

But of course, this pronouncement from a minor Curia of the Vatican is just the kind of communist tripe one would expect from a former member of the Hitler youth. 

The Vatican is obviously oblivious to the fact that a full 47% of people in this country don't pay taxes, because they have the audacity to not earn enough money. Meanwhile, there they are sucking up services like food stamps or public housing or prison, while the rest of actually work for a living, refusing government services like interstate highways, police protection, or food safety inspections.

So, I say: OWS go home!  Your kind isn't welcome while a new episode of Jersey Shore is on.

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