Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Federal Tax Credits

You know my feelings on Federal Historic Tax Credits (or at least you can guess them). Via the PG:

Pennsylvania ranked second in the nation last year in the amount of money invested to fix up old buildings qualifying for federal historic preservation tax credits.

Missouri led the nation with developers spending nearly $358 million for qualifying buildings, according to a report from the National Park Service.

Pennsylvania had about $224 million in spending on buildings certified for the federal tax credits.

Last year's incentives across the country leveraged $3.88 billion in building rehabilitation.
Good news for Pennsylvania, I suppose but Missouri?


Seriously? Missouri gets more historic tax credits than Pennsylvania? That I don't get. Isn't Pennsylvania where US history comes from? 1643? 1776? How old is Missouri, really? 184 years old? What do they have in Missouri that beats us to the punch? What do they have that's so historic?

C'mon! Show me!

I'm sorry for that. All that feigned outrage for the sake of a lame pun. I make myself sick.


Furrow said...

Preserving the symbols of the Confederacy is expensive.

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