Friday, April 15, 2005

Huzzah for Pointless Milestones!

Hey folks! Wake the kids and rattle the neighbors! I just hit my 100th posting since my First, Angry, Drunk, Bureaucratic Post! And just to make it extra special, I hit 1,000 visits since I began counting.

This means that we have met our fund match goal and that Anonymous from Squirrel Hill will be donating another 1,000 visits to our drive.

Thanks to Mr/Mrs./Ms. X of the domain for putting us over the top. He/she/it will get a free tote bag and a CD recording of my best postings.

To everyone else, I'm sorry I've wasted your time.

1 comment:

CmdrSue said...

Congratulations for drawing the eye of "A Catholic University in the Spiritan Tradition."