Tuesday, April 26, 2005

How Will He Maintain Control Without the Bureaucracy?

Sorry for the dearth of postings, but I was out over the weekend gettin' my geek on at the Star Wars Convention in Indianapolis with 28,000 of my closest nerds. [Go ahead, laugh it up fuzzball.] A good time was had by all.

Nice to go away and get to avoid the increasingly frustrating world of politics and government, at least for a little while. Biggest political discussions seemed to be around whether the Empire would start to privatize the old age pension fund and up the death benefits for widows of clone troopers. But that's all fiction, so who cares?

Glad to say that in the midst of the whole story arc about the slow decline from democracy to dictatorship, I never once saw it as an analogy to the current political situation in America. The mindless oblivion of a fantasy realm just means that Karl Marx didn't know jack about opiates.

Also, you can never have too many Leas in the slave outfit.

Now back to the real world.


Shawn said...

Yeah, I remember seeing "Jedi" in the summer of '83. I was 12, and puberty had hit like a monster, so Ms. Fisher's lil' slave girl outfit was the best thing this side of the "Solid Gold" dancers.

Furrow said...

ADB, I think we both found out that depends on the Leia.

O said...

I stand by all of my mispelings.

CmdrSue said...

You went to the Star Wars con?!? I'm SOOO jealous!

Tell us more, tell us more. What did ya see? Was there cool stuff to buy?

I'm saving my vacation to go down to Disney during the May/June Star Wars weekends.

(Oh yeah, I'm a big ole geek and I am nested with other geeks.)