Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Five Minute Insta-Rant

Five Minute Insta-Rant..... Go!

Would all the stupid people in the City of Pittsburgh please stop calling me! I mean serriously, I know my name is available out there, and I know that I'm on the web page somewhere, and I know that there are several people who think that I do everything at THE BUREAUCRACY, but people PLEASE stop calling me. No, I don't do everything and I don't have time to sort through your piddly assed problems. If you had just taken the time think logically for 5 minutes to actually figure out who deals with these problems, instead of calling me up, I'd be much happier. Please, PLEASE take about 5 more minutes, look in the friggin' yellow pages (they still have those,right?) and figure out, for yourself who is supposed to take care of your problem.

It doesn't help you or me if you complain to me for 15 minutes about how so-and-so is doing such-and-such to something or other if I can't help you, but can merely pass you off to the real person in charge. You've wasted a quarter hour of both our lives.

If you are calling me, without a clue as to what I really do, you are so far off.

Please don't call me. I'm overworked. And I can't help you. Call my boss.

Five Minute Insta-Rant... END!

And yes, I'm both angry and drunk tonight.

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