Monday, May 02, 2005

Insta-Commentary on Tonight's Mayoral Debate

Here's my insta, or at leat near-insta,-take on tonight's mayoral debate:

(1) Louis "Hop" Kendrick should have brought his notes.
(2) Lester Ludwig should not have brought his big bag of crazy.
(3) Daniel F. Repovz should have done his homework.
(4) Bill Peduto should not have used the words "circumsized microphone."
(5) Michael Lamb should not have stared blankly out into space.
(6) Bob O'Connor should limit himself to one trite Dale Carnegie Management phrase per breath.
(7) Gary W. Henderson should have shown up.
(8) All the candidates should learn what the URA, HACP, and the other Authorities actually do.
(9) I should have spent my time in bed.
(10) Joe Weinroth... meh.

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