Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Victim #4

Sometimes the snow comes down in June. Sometimes the sun goes round the moon. Sometimes I find another mayoral website to snipe at. Awesome! Like Christmas in May.

The previous victims are found here, here, and here. So without further adieu, in haiku:

Les Ludwig

Mister Les Ludwig:
I support simplicity,
But I hate your page.

"Yearn to Return" and
"Increase Public Imvolvement"
Mean nothing to me.

With your long background
And business experience,
This is retirement?

Mayoral Knowledge?
Bankruptcy Liquidation.
You are qualified.

The Rest of the Field
Whom you are running against.
They all are douchebags.

Bobby O'Connor:
Ten Years on City Council
Political hack.

Billy Peduto:
Pushes through large subsidy.
A TIF hypocrite.

What is it you do again

Voters of Pittsburgh
With candidates like these here.
You cannot do worse

Mayor Les Ludwig
A chance to do more with Les?
Crazy assed old man.

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