Thursday, May 12, 2005

I'm not an Inconsiderate A-hole

I've been noticing that I've been having difficulties posting the correct dates on these posts. For some reason, I seem to be posting for the following day, which puts me at the top of the chronologically generated RSS feed lists. I'm going to apologize for this, as while I enjoy being near the top of the lists, it makes me look like, in the words of El Presidente "A Major League Asshole."

I get majorly irked when lazy bloggers sit at the top of the feeds for weeks, in what appears to be some bizarre attempt to satiate their own intellectually masturbatory habits. You have nothing so important to say that it warrants being posted for a month and a half. You are killing those of us who are at least trying to write something current. It's irritating and should be stopped.

[I also get irked about contentless blitzpostings that merely contain a link to other articles or pages... but that's the subject of a future rant that will also use the word "masturbation".]

So I apologize, sincerely and utterly, for my faux pas.

I'm guessing this problem has something to do with Blogger and my web browser (Safari) on my Mac at home. I've noticed that there is a whole lot of functionality that is missing when I use Safari at home instead of IE at work. For example, I don't have the option of the "Compose" mode or a functional spell check... or the ability to change the Time & Date of a post.

All of which would be quite useful to me. I've heard that Firefox also has some similar problems with Blogger, but, not being a user myself, I can't confirm.

Anyway, I have to come into work in the morning, finish editing the posting, adjust the date to today, and hit submit.

But apparently that sets me 24 hrs in the future, and puts me at the top of the RSS feeds. [Time traveling, btw, is highly overrated... despite the hovercars and the space prostitutes.]

Again, I'm sorry.

The other alternative theory I have on this problem is that I have no idea what today's date is. Always looking toward the future am I. Never is my mind on where I am. What I am doing. Hmmph. Gotta start living in the now, I suppose. Or get a calendar.

In short, I'm not an A-Hole, despite what the Tribune-Review says.

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PoliShifter said...

Read you over at cmndrsue's blog...

I think you should start the blog that criticizes blogs and bloggers...I think you would be good at it! If you ever do, let me know and I will link it up to my other blogs...