Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Bob Wants YOU, Mother****er

Fresh from his victory last night, the Silver Fox wasted no time in soliciting candidates for the various boards, authorities, and commissions.
Those of you that have always dreamed of being on the Comprehensive Municipal Pension Trust Fund Board now have your chance to be considered for this exciting position that combines the thrill of Pensions with the passion of Municipal Governance, mixes with a dash of Comprehensiveness and a hint of Fund. 
Woooo hooo!
Anyway, something struck me:
(1) A car.
I got up from that accident, exchanged insurance, and had some additional thoughts:
(1) Honestly, do you really think that YOU are going to be chosen for any of these boards?  You think Bob's going to just give away powerful and influential seats to, say, that guy in Oakland with the Sombrero?  I don't think so.  These jobs are going to go to Friends of Bob, except for the Sinking Fund Commission, which will be going to Enemies of Bob.
(2) Is Bob sure that he really wants to post these things on the Internets?  I mean, *anybody* could apply for them...
(3) ...unless this is some sort of faux populism that Bob is purveying. 
(4) Seriously, YOU?  I have a feeling that Bob knows who he wants already.  Don't delude yourself.
Anyway, I thoroughly hope to enjoy an appointment to the Commission on Naming Public Properties.  I intend to name everything "Steve" and call it a day.  Should be easy.

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