Friday, November 04, 2005

Bush to Congress: Confirm Now; Congress to Bush: No

El Network de News Centralio has this article, which, while it doesn't add much, sets a few dates for the confirmation hearings of Judge Alito. Basically, Bush wanted before Christmas; Congress said January 9... which, according to my calendar is even after Orthodox Christmas.

Either this means (a) Congress is not thrilled about Alito, (b) Congress is exercising its seperation of powers (as opposed to "jazzercising" the seperation of powers), (c) Congress wants to punt until after local elections to get a sense of the way the elctorate is blowing, (d) Congress wants to put it off until after the New Year's Vacation and Hangover is gone, or (e) all or none of the above.

Personally, I just think that they want to put it off as long as possible and cram it all at the last possible minute and finish it all at 5 AM; like in college. Perhaps they'll be stoned out of their minds too.

Ooooh... taco shells!

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