Monday, May 15, 2006

Election Day 'N'at

By the time you read this post, it will already be primary election day in the City of Pittsburgh and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Unlike the last primary election, this isn't where the real action is in the big races. For the real action*, you need to wait until November.

'Cept in some of the races, where there's at least nominal competition.

I'm keeping a particular look out for the following races:

(1) Casey vs. Pennacchio vs. Sandals (U.S. Senate - Democrat). Conceivably, Casey should trounce his opponents, but Pennacchio had some good vibes there for awhile and his campagin staff has a terminal case of TB ("true-believer"). It will be interesting if this is isn't a blow out.

(2) Knoll vs. McDonald-Roberts vs. Hall vs. Stlip (Lt. Governor - Democrat). Another blogger who no longer posts was convinced that Knoll was being "thrown under the bus". She doesn't seem to be under the bus here, but she doesn't seem to actually be driving it either.

(3) Preston vs. Gainey vs. Anderson (PA House 24 - Democrat). Preston has been hustling to get out the vote against the guy that could have conceivably beat him last time, if it were not for some registration "irregularities." Could this be the end of Joe Preston?

(4) Petrone vs. Crossey vs. Cindric vs. Galovich vs. Liberatore (PA House 27 - Democrat). If Petrone doesn't win this in a plurality, he's wasted his umpteen years in the House.

(5) Harris vs. Stevenson vs. Hackett (PA House 42 - Republican). Stevenson will probably win this one, despite the flap over the pay raise. If he doesn't, it'll be a huge upset.

Here's my blanket prediction: despite the pay raise fiasco, on the whole the incumbents will prevail. It's sad, but my pessimism is getting the better of me.

That's all I got. The ADB won't tell you who to vote for, partially because it is a violation of my public office, but mostly because he only believes in benevolent dictatorships (at least until all lawmakers become philosophers).

But that really only goes for American Idol...
*You know: man-on-dog action.

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