Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Founding Fathers, pt 2

The following question was presented to me this evening:

If you had the power to unilaterally change the Constitution of the United States in terms of Governmental or Political process, what would you choose to do?

Here are some of my answers (I reserve the right not to explain my reasoning) in no particular order:
  • Public financing of political campaigns;
  • Representation of minor parties in the House via a "first past the post" method;
  • "Prime Minister's Question Time";
  • Eliminate the natural born citizenship requirement for President;
  • Modify the 22nd Amendment to prohibit more than two consecutive terms;
  • Let the States choose how they wish to select their own Senators;
  • Run off elections for President if no candidate gets more than 50% of the vote;
  • Week long elections/Election day federal holiday;
  • Eliminate the electoral college or actually make them a deliberative body;
  • Voting paper trail;
  • Prohibit campaign contributions to any candidate in excess of $50.
OK, so those are some of my ideas. Anyone else?

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