Saturday, December 02, 2006

Costas, Costas, Everywhere! [I think I'll have a drink]

Now typically I don't read the Trib except for the really important stuff, so you'll forgive me if I missed this. I was beat to the punch over here and here and all around. Anyway...

A bullet in the brain might have cost Dominic J. Costa his job as Pittsburgh police chief, but that hasn't stopped him from considering a run for mayor...

Costa, 55, said he has a pool of potential backers with money, but declined to name them. He referred to Ravenstahl as a "temporary mayor" and said he believes voters have serious questions about Ravenstahl's lack of experience...
Now, the Trib goes into a nice digression on why Dominic Costa is a contender for Mayor:
Dominic Costa's sister, Debra Costa, is a Penn Hills councilwoman. He has two cousins in the state Legislature -- Sen. Jay Costa, of Forest Hills, and Rep. Paul Costa, of Wilkins. Their brother, Guy Costa, is Pittsburgh's Public Works director. Another cousin, Ron Costa, is a district judge in Bloomfield...
Here's my theory: there's got to be a cloning facility out in Penn Hills where they're mass producing Costas* by the truckload. There's probably a whole horde of super secret Costas that have mutant abilities like the ability to grow facial hair really, really fast. Or perhaps they're preparing to form a Grand Army of the Republic for Supreme Chancellor Dennis Regan to beat back a threat from Darlene Harris. Or, most probably, this is taking ballot box stuffing to a whole new level: rather than creating scads of fake votES, the COSTAs are creating a horde of fake voteRS!


Anyway, by the looks of it, Dom must have been the runt of the clone litter:

That being said, first person to Photoshop the above picture with Dom wearing a "Vote For Pedro's Dad" T-Shirt will get a shiny nickel from me.
*COSTA must be some sort of acronym: Cloned Operational Sociological and Technological Anthromorphs. Or perhaps Cynically Organized Sycophants Toadies and Ass -Kissers

Oh, and this is post 500 for me; I really wish it was better.

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