Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Media Matters: Pittsburgh Economic Development Edition

Mark Belko was up late on Tuesday night filing a story for Wednesday's edition of the Post-Gazette about a URA meeting to be held on Thursday. That's ambition for you. I can't even get my Wednesday posts out before Thursday.

Anywho, the story goes as such:

The city's Urban Redevelopment Authority is poised to sell old G.C. Murphy's store buildings and other properties to a Washington County developer for $2.5 million -- another key step in the redevelopment of the downtrodden Fifth and Forbes corridor, Downtown.
So far so good, but scroll down to the bottom and you'll find this:
Also tomorrow, the URA is expected to sell three parcels, one on Fifth Avenue and two on Market Street, to a subsidiary of Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation for $257,000.
Now the Tribune-Review did not have the ambition of Mr. Belko, so it's no surprise that they didn't run this story yet. When they do cover the meeting, however, will the Trib devote as much ink in their paper (specifically their editorial page) for the Milcraft project as they do for Landmarks Development Corporation, a known arm of the Scaife leviathan? Will they be as generous with their laurels or as stingy with their lances?

Tune in tomorrow...

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