Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Things I Find Interesting - Part II

Saw this in the PG earlier today as well:

Pittsburgh City Council President Doug Shields said today that council will review a decision by city planners to permit a 1,200-square-foot LED sign on a Downtown garage and bus station that's still under construction.

He said he did not believe the sign is allowed under the zoning code without votes of oversight bodies, perhaps including the Zoning Board of Adjustment, the City Planning Commission, and possibly council. "We'll start looking into it and decide what can be done," he said.
OK, whatever. That's not that interesting unless you're into the Pittsburgh Sign Project, but I think this part makes it a little more interesting:
The decision to approve the sign, backed by Urban Redevelopment Authority Executive Director Pat Ford, was made as part of a deal with Lamar to remove six traditional billboards from the area. Ms. Tymoczko said today that those billboards are at 2200 Smallman St.; 36 and 1101 11th St.; and 929, 1108 and 1139 Penn Ave.
Well, maybe not that interesting, until you read this anonymous comment left here a few days ago:
[S]omehow Pat Ford, executive director of the URA, now must approve anything in the Department of Planning. The Council is wondering why Ford, who's not a city employee has oversight over a city department. The morale in Planning is very low.
Now, that I find interesting.

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Anonymous said...

doesnt the mayors office have a director of economic development (city employee, not of the authority)? the position created for pat in the first place? hmmm...