Monday, July 14, 2008

Bush Apologizes for Berlusconi insult

(BBC Newswire) Washington D.C. - The White House has apologized to Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi for a briefing describing him as a political "amateur" who is "hated by many".

The "insulting" biography was included in a press kit distributed to reporters traveling with President George W Bush to a meeting of world leaders in Japan.

The four-page description of Mr Berlusconi had been taken from the Encyclopedia of World Biography.

It refers to the Italian prime minister as a man "hated by many but respected by all at least for his bella figura (personal style) and the sheer force of his will".

It says Mr Berlusconi was said to be "regarded by many as a political dilettante (amateur) who gained his high office only through use of his considerable influence on the national media".

Acknowledging the error, White House spokesman Tony Fratto issued an apology.

Mr. Fratto, however, refused to apologize for several other comments about other attendees that appeared in the same press kit:

On Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper: "Not a bad leader for a second rate country. Gets really snippy when you ask him if he's ever going to try to get the Stanley Cup back. Does not respond well to Dudley Do-Right jokes."

On German Chancellor Angela Merkel: "Sweats less than most fat chicks; doesn't like to be touched. Mentioning the War, not recommended."

On UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown: "Doesn't look at all like any character from Wuthering Heights. Does look like a Muppet with Downs Syndrome."

On French President Nicolas Sarkozy: "A creepy frog speaking elf, but with a hot wife."

On Russian President Dmitry Medvedev: "Unlike his predecessor, your eyes don't bleed when you talk to him."

On Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda: "Well, a Fuk-a-you too."

And finally, on European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso: "Cocksucker."

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headbang8 said...

Angela Merkel is the coolest chick on the planet--I even forgive her for being a conservative.

No wonder George couldn't keep his hands off her.

Oh, and you can actually mention the war now. It's OK.