Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dog That Has Not Barked...yet

The big local story that did not break over the weekend was the announcement that Pat Ford would be investigated by the State Ethics Committee or not. We did hear, however, that Mr. Ford has been talking with the U.S. Attorney about some unspecified something, whatever that means.

So, I don't know what the conventional wisdom is on this kind of thing. If I remember correctly, the longer jury deliberations go on for, the greater the chance is that the defendant is found not guilty. Not to say that anyone is guilty of anything here, but it's the only comparable that I have to work with. The fact, however, that there's been no announcement as of yet, may make one think that there is actually something that needs investigating.

Of course, the longer that this thing lingers, whether that thing is an ethic investigation or a grand investigation into the Housing Authority (of which Mr. Ford was chair), the greater the chance is that this thing will impact next year's mayoral race. Lord knows that it would not be good to have this kind of albatross around Luke's neck come next November.

...I mean May.


Anonymous said...

WHile it may be true that the longer a jury deliberates the better the odds of aquittal, the longer the FBI investigates the better the chances for indictment

O said...

Somebody tell that to Fox Mulder

Bram Reichbaum said...

And here it is, Thursday, and we still haven't heard anything, even from Mr. Ford's law talkin' guy.

I predict we need to hear something tomorrow. If we don't hear anything by tomorrow, I would have to assume that whatever word they did receive was pretty bad. Sound reasonable?