Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Mike from Delmont to Provide Capital Investment in Steelers

In a surprise call to Stan Savran this afternoon, long time listener, first time caller Mike from Delmont floated a proposal to buy out up to 30% of the current Steeler leadership.

"Stan, Guy, love the show. Just wanted to tell you that I think that da Stillers [sic] are goin' all the way to the big dance this year, and I'm offering the Rooney brothers up to $250 Million for their shares of the team."

In order to comply with National Football League guidelines that prohibit association with racetrack and gambling interests, the Rooney family is working to restructure the ownership of the Steelers, a process that is forcing several brothers of team chairman Dan Rooney to seek to sell their shares in the franchise, according to news reports.

"I'm looking to make sure that Mr. Rooney retain ownership of the team, and free ahrns [sic] to the first 120,000 callers," said Mike from Delmont in a follow up interview, "Maybe I'll get Donnie Iris to play all the halftime shows up through 2014. I hear he rocked some guys face off once. Clear off. That's awesome."

The Rooney family could not be reached for comment, although sources close to the team say that the management is "considering all offers".

Little is known about "Mike from Delmont," although it is suspected that he is involved with Jim from Edgewood who once called former Steeler Plaxico Burress "Plexiglass Duress".

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