Monday, April 26, 2010

Where's the Fun in That?

Via the Pittsburgh Business Times: Pittsburgh ranks No. 12 on 'Fun Cities' list (full report here)... which, frankly, is a bit bizarre as I don't know anyone in this City that I would consider "fun".

Of course, my idea of "fun" is a night discussing Wiggenstein and eating packets of mustard in the back seat of someone's car.

Anywho, we scored high in "Food & Drink" (4) & "Low Impact Sports" (8); moderate in "Culture" (20), "Popular Entertainment" (20), and "Shopping" (21), and lowest in "High Impact Sports" (34) and -- get this -- "Gambling" (53). Obviously "Food & Drink" is buoyed by our ever so liberal drinking laws, and they didn't include "Pothole Dodging" or "Jaywalking" in High Impact Sports.

But, you have to compare it to the bottom five: Provo, Utah (last); McAllen, Texas; Modesto and Bakersfield, California; and El Paso TX. God, those places must be veritable suck-holes of fun... the place where clowns and toys go to die.

Now, back to contemplating das Senf an sich.


Mark Rauterkus said...

Utah = multiple wives = #1 in fun.

Too bad multiple governments and multiple OVERLORDS are not as valued in the fun category as much. Then we'd rock.

Once our water polo league gets additional press coverage, we'll soar in the rankings as the high impact sports potential is dragging us down yet that category for Pittsburgh is full of undiscovered potential.

Jacob said...

You forget "getting the sh!t kicked out of you by the police for looking shady" under not-included High Impact Sports.

Bram Reichbaum said...

Is Wiggenstein yinzer for Wittgenstein, or are you talking about, um, this?

O said...

"Wittgenstein"/"Wiggenstein" ... it all sounds the same after twelve packets of mustard.

Teutonic Titwillow said...

El Paso: if the US gets an enema, that's where they'll plug it in.

Pittsburgh, from the great Preston Sturges:

Studio Exec: They loved it in Pittsburgh.

Frustrated Director: Ah, what do they know in Pittsburgh?

Studio Exec: They know what they like.

Frustrated Director: If they knew what they liked, they wouldn't live in Pittsburgh.

Anonymous said...

dick, dick, dick: the fun starts after 4:00 pm.

you're too drunk by then to enjoy it.