Monday, January 30, 2006

Bureaucracy, Salary, & Overtime

OK, the PG ran this article on the effect of overtime on the City Budget.

I do not have access to their data... I only had the Business Times' Big Book of Lists for 2006. Their data was a bit... erm... less current, but it's pretty much the same as what the PG reported:

The Top 50 City Salaries, including bonuses and overtime, ranged from $135,893 (a Fire Battalion Chief) to $102,244 (a Fire Captain). Out of the top 50, four were EMS employees, four were police employees, the rest were fire employees.

For the record, O'Connor makes (or at least the City Budget says he makes) $94,157.

Also for the record, yours truly is not on the list.

Also also for the record, the County list is on the opposing page. The top 50 salaries ranged from $122,911 (the District Attorney) to $86,112 (a County Police Officer) and were generally mixed between departments. Onorato is on this list, but he falls in at $88,735.

Just thought I'd mention those facts for your consideration and hint that I too could do with some much needed overtime pay.

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