Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Do Not Read This Post!

Don't say I didn't warn you. You're going to be disappointed, seriously. There's nothing good in this post at all; I'm fresh out of ideas today.

I was thinking about writing about the change of the proposed election date to more suit the needs of Pitt students, until I realized that (1) this is not my council district and (2) I don't really care what Pitt students think anyway. And before anyone says it, yes, I am part of the problem; I'm comfortable with that.

I was thinking on commenting about how absolutely gushing the Trib article on the proposed PNC Skyscraper sounded... well, gushing for the Trib, anyway. Then, I realized that was all the comment I had.

I was thinking on commenting that the fact that Jim Ferlo and Jane Orie agree on anything, let alone a plan for a new arena, is the greatest accomplishment in recent SWPA political history. Then I realized that they both once threatened to kick me in the crotch, so I suppose this isn't the first time they've agreed on something.

I was thinking of ranting about the Kabuki show that is the Alito confirmation hearings, but it's far too difficult to raise my hackles on a man who currently has unformed every opinion that he's ever had.

I was going to ask who's the black private dick that's the sex machine to all the chicks... and then it turned out to be Shaft. I can dig it.

I was going to lend my comiserations to Charles Kennedy, who was ousted by the LibDems this week for, what was purported to be a drinking problem. Instead, I realized that no one reading this blog would know who I was talking about. So I had a shot of Jack instead.

I was going to check to see if I spelled "comiserations" correctly; I decided not to.

See, now aren't you disappointed? I totally wasted your time. You should stop reading right now. There's nothing more. It's pointless to go on further. Don't even bother scrolling down. There's nothing down there.

So, was this really worth scrolling this far? I didn't think so.

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