Friday, January 20, 2006

The Man Who Knows Where the Bodies Are Buried

I must say I'm shocked and appalled by the indictment of Cyril Wecht. I mean, Cyril is usuall such a laid back, reserved guy... hardly the kind of person that would do something brash. I find it hard to believe.

Actually... I'm torn by this case:

First, this is such a dull charge for Cyril. Fraud? Pish-posh! That's not really worthy of an indictment. I would have hoped that Pittsburgh could have come up with a better crime. The Firefighter/Murphy scandal is far more interesting; now THAT is good fraud, and collusion, I think. I was hoping for so much more.

OK... there's that whole "swapping corpses for work space" as reported. in the Trib. That was good.

But really, and this is my second point, this is just a case of someone taking their work home with them. I mean, would it be fraud if he took home Post-It notes? Why are a couple of dead people any different?

So, Cyril had a couple good moves, but the Hungarian judge is going to knock him a few points. Best he can hope for now is a Silver medal.

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