Wednesday, March 01, 2006


My best thoughts always come to me in the shower. I read somewhere that in the "morning person" cycle, this is actually where brain activity is the highest and is the best time for creativity.

I don't know why my brain seems to think that I'm a morning person. I'm barely intelligible before my 3rd pot of coffee. Obviously the study is flawed; although the ideas I generate while I brush my teeth are fantastic.

So, because it is foolish to take the computer into the shower with me, ideas fester in my brain for a few hours on the way to and during work, get re-thought, re-written; jokes are thown in, rejected, re-inserted, thrown out again, and eventually re-re-inserted. Eventually by mid-day I have a pretty good idea in my head for what I want to write about.

And then...

And then, I have my afternoon stress aneurysm and forget everything. I throw a phone at a client, shred their paperwork, and threaten to eat their puppy alive unless they stop being stupid. By the end of the stressful commute home and the subsequent decompresssion, that beautiful, elegant, and, above all, funny post has evaporated into air... into thin air.

And here I am. With everything and nothing to say.

What a let down... and after a two day hiatus.

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